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All Terrain Vehicles

Edmonton ATV has a wide range variety of all terrain vehicles (ATVs) to choose from. ATVs are four-wheel vehicles, which provide off-road transportation for agricultural uses, for leisure or for racing. In choosing an all terrain vehicle it is important to consider what you will be using your vehicle for, as this will determine what type of ATV you purchase. Edmonton ATV provides models for all uses. Companies such as Yamaha, Honda and Polaris are major manufacturers of all terrain vehicles and can be found at our dealership.

Quad Bikes

Utility ATVs such as the Honda Rancher, Rubicon or Rincon, the Yamaha Grizzly or Kodiak are ideal vehicles that can transport heavy loads and leave light tire traces on fragile land. They practically replace pickup trucks and can access areas that trucks are unable to pass through. Their growing popularity in the U.S, Canada, parts of Europe and Australia proves their efficiency, durability and affordable prices. Some European countries have even made ATVs and quad bikes street legal with their uproaring popularity.

ATVs & Other Recreational Vehicles

Utility all terrain vehicles have a towing system that can even support the weight of an SUV. So towing or heavy load transportation is perfectly natural in the ATV world. Not only is the towing system efficient, but you can also plow snow with an additional hook up system. They are perfect for all seasons. You can choose ATVs with manual, semi-automatic and automatic transmission. New and improved utility all terrain vehicles have a fully automatic transmission including park, neutral and reverse gears. Easily manoeuvrable quad bikes and ATVs like the Polaris Trail Boss are perfect for leisure and weekend rides. The U.S based company, Polaris, has a rich heritage in all terrain vehicle manufacturing. Furthermore, the Trail Boss is ideal for beginner riders and great for family sharing. It is common to see these types of ATVs in forest trails or open spaced fields for free run riding. Children sizes are even available and are perfect vehicles for early age riding and safe training.

Edmonton ATV Dealership

Fast and lightweight ATVs like the Honda TRX 400 or the Yamaha YFZ 450 or Raptor 700 are extremely popular in competitive racing but can also be used for everyday use and leisure. These three Japanese ATVs have mind-blowing accelerations and excellent braking systems. Their aggressive looks mirror their explosive performance and their highly durable shocks can withstand high landing impacts and absorb constant bumps shocks to give you the safety you need. Edmonton ATV offers competitive and outstanding prices with great warranty deals. Canada’s extensive lands are ideal for all terrain vehicles. Sand, dirt, grass, snow or mud an all terrain vehicle will do the trick and get you to your willing destination. Whether you’re building fences, tree planting, landscaping or on a hunt for muddy fields and trails, Edmonton ATV dealership will help you achieve your daily goals or leisure desires. All terrain vehicles are not only beneficial for work and play; they are a good long-term investment.

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